Quinceañera’s Court

What expectations are placed on the Quinceañera’s court?

The Quinceañera, and the fifteen teens who form part of her celebration, could be asked to participate in a day of retreat or in one or several sessions of preparation with talks, activities and prayer, together with the celebration of the Sacrament of Penance, prior to the date of the celebration.

The focus on the positive contribution of women in society as well as their becoming active participants in the life of the parish can also be emphasized. They may be encouraged to take a more active part in the various parish ministries.

It is common in the US that the entire celebration be held in English. This also opens up the court to non-Spanish speakers.

This means that the Quinceañera is free to choose from a wider group of her piers. As long as this group adheres to the requirements that is placed on them there is a lot of freedom in who may participate.

In many parishes the young women who come to the church asking for the Bendición de la Quinceañera speak only Spanish, others are bilingual, and some of those who were born in this country speak only English.

Those participating in the celebration, the parents, godparents, relatives and friends, also share in this linguistic diversity. Many young women who choose the Eucharistic celebration in English and who pray in this language, nevertheless desire to participate in the traditional custom of the Quinceañera and prefer that at least some of the celebration be done in English.

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